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Board of Advisors

The PDAN Board of Advisors is comprised of authors, experts and psychologists who have written about personality disorders, or do research on treatments as well as prevention and transmission. All Board members are contributing volunteers:


  • Donald Black, MD, Director, Psychiatry Residency Training Program, University of Iowa. Clinical researcher with more than 300 publications. His work has focused on the course and treatment of severe personality disorders, esp. researching the effectiveness of the STEPPS program for borderline personality disorder (STEPPS: Systems Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving: a value-added adjunct to therapy and medications, implemented in certain prison populations). Black has also conducted family and follow-up studies of behavioral addictions including gambling disorder.



  • Bekh Bradley, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University; Associate Chief of Staff (ACOS) for Mental Health,  Atlanta VA Medical Center. Investigator, Grady Trauma Project, a large-scale genetic study of PTSD. Research focus on the Anatomy of Fear, understanding the biological underpinnings of anxiety, phobias, and PTSD.








  • Mark Komrad, MD, psychiatrist on the clinical and teaching staff of Sheppard Pratt Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. 25 years experience in advising people on how to convince an emotionally or behaviorally troubled loved-one to accept psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Author of the book You Need Help!. Ethicist in residence at Sheppard Pratt Hospital. Komrad was the host of the weekly radio talkshow “Komrad on call” on the American Radio Network in the 1990s and a regular psychiatrist guest on the National Public Radio (NPR) radio show “Sunday Rounds with John Stupak”.



  • Michael Popkin, Ph.D, President, Active Parenting Publishers, providing award-winning, video-based parenting classes for helping professionals since 1983. Their evidence-based programs cover topics including parenting programs, stepparenting, divorce, school success, and character education.



  • Elsa Ronningstam, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist at McLean Hospital, Associate Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Faculty at Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.


  • S. Charles Schulz, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota. Over 20 years experience in pharmacology research and schizophrenia research. Schulz was instrumental in expanding the University of Minnesota programs for psychiatry. Schulz also specializes in psychiatric illness in adolescents and early indicators of psychosis. Current research on studies of medication treatments for personality disorders, and relationship between symptoms, diagnostics and brain imaging for borderline personality disorder. Affiliated with Prairie Care Hospital.



Emeritus Board of Advisors

  • Mary F. Gay, Ph.D, Licensed Professional Counselor, Past President of PDAN.
  • Kerry Ressler, MD Ph.D, Professor of Psychiatry and Chief Scientific Officer, McLean Hospital, Harvard University; Director of the Ressler Lab, research on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of fear learning and the process of extinction of fear. Investigator at the Grady Trauma Project, a large-scale genetic study on understanding PTSD. Formerly Professor at Emory University.


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