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To listen to a recording of the conference call entitled “BPD, The Commitment to Recovery” A Candid Conversation with Kiera Van Gelder and Teresa Lynne on Wed 2 April 2014, please click here: www.anymeeting.com/153-713-869/EF55DF89894A



Randi Kreger, BPD Central
Resources for dealing with BPD
Teresa Lynne, DBT Life Coach

Shall We Blame Our Parents

“It’s not so easy to just move forward if you are held by back by psychological symptoms you don’t understand”… (From a comment on PDAN’s Facebook Page) I am one of several administrators for a wonderful Facebook Page called PDAN, which stands for “Personality Disorders Awareness Network” www.facebook.com/PDAN.  It was set up to provide a forum for people who are diagnosed with personality disorders and the people who love them, to share experiences, information, and [...]

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A dream / goal for some can be overcoming anxiety to read an email or to step outside. For others dreams are much bigger for instance to travel. In each case it can be scary and overwhelming. Go out there and conquer we at PDAN are here with you.

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!! I found this quote on Curing Bipolar & Schizophrenia... but it works perfectly for all mental health conditons, what do you think? :)

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Struggling with a relationship, friendship, goal or change right now? Remember this.

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