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Educators and Therapists was founded by individuals that have dedicated their lives to the education and treatment of individuals determined to be diagnosed with a variety of personality disorders. Our experts contribute articles and sound perspectives on the most current thinking related to such disorders.


An online community
Thanks in part to the modern marvel of online technology, offers its followers a variety of useful information and resources via our online presence. Occasionally we provide live Webinars for guests to enroll in and continually update our reference materials for our visitors to browse.


Free to browse is committed to providing our online community as much free resource as possible through our Article and references sections. Beyond our free resources are a series of purchase materials which you might find helpful such as our Books and Webinar series


What we strive to accomplish
Our goals can be summarized as follows:
To provide children with tools to help them develop healthy relationships and emotional regulation skills

To prepare parents to be aware of personality disorders signs

To reduce the impact of these emotional styles on children, partners and sufferers

To prevent or mitigate the development of personality disorders in children who may have a biological predisposition to personality disorders

To provide resources to those who are living with a parent or guardian whose behavior may be affecting the children toward developing emotional dysregulation


Where we focus our collective minds

Of particular importance to our organization are “at-risk” children between the ages of 7 to 14. Studies show that this is the most important developmental window for people to obtain the support necessary to cope with emotional dysregulation. We provide resources to those that:

Have parents with personality disorders.

Are in high-conflict separated or divorcing families.

Have symptoms or diagnosis of ADHD.

Have experienced trauma (a credible threat on a person’s sense of survival).

Live in foster care or have had changes in adoption.

Learn about our Mission and Vision

Personality Disorder Awareness Network (PDAN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of personality disorders, alleviating the impact of personality disorders on families, and preventing the development of personality disorders in children.

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PDAN currently focuses on personality disorders that have significant effects on families through emotional dysregulation, and for which a good amount of scientific research is already available, namely Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial and Obsessive-Compulsive. (There are a total of 10 personality disorders listed in psychiatric manuals.)

Emotional dysregulation can be defined as a pattern of emotional responses over time, usually 1+ year, that are poorly modulated and do not fall within the conventional range.

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The PDAN Board of Directors is comprised of committed individuals who donate their time and work to help all people who have been impacted by personality disorders. For a complete list of Board Members and their unique personal and professional backgrounds, visit our Board of Directors section.


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